Susan Fraser, an accredited NCCP Level 2 Coach and NCCP Level 3 Dressage Coach, is the Fraser of Fraser Equestrian Centre.  

Her extensive resume includes but is not limited to: 
  • Pony Club “A” (with honours)
  • a year in England (at the age of 18) absorbing everything their equestrian culture had to offer -- from riding with hounds, to driving carriages, learning to ride sidesaddle and earning her British Horse Society Assistant Instructor certificate. 
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In 1975 Susan won the Preliminary Division of the Canadian Three Day Event Championships at Jokers Hill; in ‘75 she accompanied Jim Day’s horses to the Pan Am Games in Mexico City; and between 1976 & 1985 she competed in every major dressage competition in Ontario and the Central U.S.  

Susan has been fortunate to have trained numerous times in Europe, including two stints at the Germany’s National Committee under “Reitmeister” Willi Schultheis; was the first rider from the Maritimes to compete at the Grand Prix level of Dressage and is the first Maritime coach to develop a student to the Grand Prix level. She is also a Senior Medium Dressage judge. 

Amidst all of her training, competing and traveling Susan also managed to procure her Bachelor of Science from Acadia University attending school for at least one term every winter until her course load was completed. 
  • and over a decade of training under the watchful eye of eight-time Olympian and Bronze Medalist, Cindy (Neale) Ishoy.   
  • three years working and training with Olympic Gold Medalist Jim Day as they prepared his two event horses for the 1976 Olympic Games. 
It has been said many times that you can tell a “Fraser” horse simply by looking at their sheen and the beautiful shape that they are in. A veritable sponge for new information… Susan seems to “collect” farrier’s and veterinarians. 

Proving that she shares her dad’s DNA, Susan has a gift for healing horses, moreover an ability to keep them sound and fit for the demands of their sport.
​Since that time the reputation of Maritime Dressage riders has continued to grow. Susan’s students - ranging from Training level to FEI (Federation Equestrian Internationale) - continue to make their mark in major Dressage competitions in Upper Canada and the United States. With a significant number of her students now competing at the FEI. level Susan has had students represent and medal for Canada at international competitions at FEI Junior and FEI Young Rider. 

Susan has been animal crazy from her first heartbeat. Her mom often told the story of how, at barely a year old, Sue’s heart seemed to break every time her dad left on horseback and her relief when she finally realized that Susan was crying because the horse was leaving without her. The solution was obvious -- get her on a horse!

At four years of age, Susan was riding her six month old Holly all by herself. Wait. Susan, at four years of age, had found her true love in a 6 month old pinto filly named Holly. (What father in his right mind would let his four year old daughter ride a 6 month old filly? Oh, right! That would be Susan’s dad Lorne…) Susan and Holly grew up together…jumping stupidly high fences, going on sleigh rides, barrel racing and who knows what else they conquered together? Holly died in Sue’s arms just after she returned from England. Of course there were others...Pepper, Panasia, Stardust, Sweet ’n Sour… AJ, Little Chuck and now of course Royal Dancer. Each owning a piece of her heart. 
Susan Fraser unleashes champions at 
Susan is largely responsible for Dressage in the Maritimes as we know it today. In 1980 six riders under Susan’s tutelage victoriously represented Nova Scotia at the Ontario Dressage Championships.