Summer Training Camps

You will have 9 lessons over the five day camp:
  • two per day Monday to Thursday - 
  • and one lesson on Friday

​• Two lessons a day too many? Call Sue - she'll work something out for you.
• Can't do a full week? Call Sue and see where she can fit you in.

Your lessons will be a mixture of: 
  • our renowned lunge lessons
  • dressage lessons and  
  • jumping lessons (optional)   

What else is included?

Meals: We'll provide them but we'll gladly welcome your help if you want to pitch in! 

Accommodations:  We have a few beds available (they go to the earliest applicants) and lots of floor space.  If you have living quarters or a RV you are welcome to park and stay.  And there are some very nice B&B's in the area.

Stabling:  We'll provide your stall, bedding and hay.  Please bring your own grain, supplements etc. and we won't be offended if you want to bring your own hay.  

If you aren't able to bring your own horse we do have a few horses that we can make available but you must put your request in early.   

Camp Fee:   $650 + hst and Yes! you are welcome to join us for as many weeks as you would like.

• Enrollment is limited so please get your applications in early!

How do you enroll?
1.Contact Susan to determine what weeks are open.  Be sure to tell her if you need to use one of her horses so she can save one for you.

2. Print off the application, fill it out and mail it to us with a $200 non-refundable deposit.  Remainder of the payment ($547.50) can be made when you arrive at FEC for your week of training.

Cancellation Policy:  Last minute cancellations wreak financial havoc with the business end of Fraser Equestrian Centre.  Yes, we are in this to improve your riding but we also have to earn a living, pay the mortgage and care for all of these horses.  That's why we have a non-refundable deposit.  However we will do our very best to fit you into another camp or provide you with one of our horses if a lame horse is the cause of your dilemma.


For more information contact Susan Fraser  

902 582 7590
902 582 7590