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Experience has taught Susan that competition is an integral aspect of training. 

By its very nature competition tests the building blocks of your training as nothing else can. Competition sharpens your awareness.  It raises the bar, demanding that you ride the movements or obstacles correctly the first time, every time.  

Susan's goal is for her students to ride out of the show ring with a heightened awareness of what they have accomplished and what they have yet to integrate into their skill set.  

Susan guides her students in selecting their competitions and classes.  Over facing the horse or rider is damaging on many levels.  It's important that competing allows the athletes to discover what they are capable of, rather than proving that they can't do.  

Susan's students compete in the Maritime provinces as well as in Ontario, Quebec and New England.

If you are looking for her, check the warm-up ring.  She's pretty much glued to the rail as she warms up student after student.